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Learn how to use the internet to create a full time income.
What You Will Learn During This Free Webclass
  • How to use social media to start your own successful online business
  • How to become a part of an online community of 1000+ members from around the world
  • How we use social media and online marketing to earn money online, travel the world, and spend more time doing what we truly love
  • ​How to create a new full-time source of income online
  • ​How we share a product that we love and use everyday , that also benefits the planet and our health
You Were Invited By:
Patricia Gonzalez
Meet Your Hosts:
Amelia Whelan
Amelia Whelan is a 25 year old entrepreneur who spends her time living between Bali and Hawaii. She is the founder of the Breakaway Movement and has been running successful online businesses for five years. She mentors 600+ people from around the world while sharing the message of health, sustainability and mindset transformation. Amelia has made over $3,000,000 in sales and is set to retire at 30 years old.
Top Leaders
Meet a few of our top leaders from the Breakaway Movement community and hear their background story and current life experiences as they started their own online businesses with BAM and now experience the joys and rewards of complete time, location and financial freedom. All thanks to working with the B.A.M platform and trainings while sharing their mission and message both online and offline.
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