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The problems
with our water

The problems
with our water

full of chemicals

  • Our municipal tap water supply is full of pollutants and chemicals like, rust, chlorine, and fluoride, which causes inflammation and disease in the body. If water makes up over 70% of our body, why aren’t we fueling ourselves with chemical-free water that promotes health and healing? 

    In essence, our lasting health performance and energy levels are all negatively impacted by the poor-quality drinking water we are consuming every single day.

    In essence, your body's health, performance and energy levels are lowered.

It tastes horrible

  • Using man-manufactured plastic water bottle to store our drinking water is not only destroying the planet, but also destroying our health. Plastic contains harmful chemicals like PCB (an oil and coal byproduct), DDT (a carcinogenic pesticide), and PAH (a coolant), but its most harmful chemical may, arguably, may be Bisphenol A, better known as BPA. Not only is the chemical composition of plastic water bottles a threat to our health, water bottles come at a huge cost for our environment, often being bottled, packaged, shipped and stored in various parts of the world before being shipped around the globe. The production of these plastic bottles alone creates a huge carbon footprint on our earth.

    In addition, Drinking water from plastic water bottles strips the body of minerals and dehydrates you.

Bottled water is Destroying our planet

  • Single use plastic is destroying our earth and polluting our oceans.

    Over 60 million plastic water bottles are used and discarded every single day around the world.

    According to National Geographic, Out of that 60 million, less than 9% of these bottles end up being properly recycled and a majority end up in oceans, landfills and water ways around the world.

    Every single piece of plastic ever made still exists today.

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